28 September 2012 — Closing Reception

SW/RGB — A laboratory of photographical recordings

At the closing reception, Christian Riis Ruggaber dismantles his installation SW/RGB. Bye cutting the paper web of photographs in pieces, the public has the chance to get hold of the unique photographs, a gift from the artist to the public.

The new work of Christian Riis Ruggaber showcases a laboratory of photographical recordings. In this work, Christian starts to explore colour in photography and developes prototypical imagery to examine the influence and the effects of colour on image s in between the contrast of black & white and colour. Since these initial works state work in progress, the exhibition showcased an endless paper web installation emphasizing the laboratory character of the project.

We are delighted to welcome you to the closing reception!

Closing Reception
Friday, 28 September, 18:00 - 20:00

Exhibition Location
Photogarage, Werdstrasse 128, 8003 Zürich

08 September 2012 — Festival Images

It is a pleasure to announce the display of new works from Chapter two of Contemplatio – The Act of Noting and Recording project at the Festival des Images in Vevey, Switzerland – the largest photo festival in Switzerland. The works will be shown until 30th September 2012 in Vevey. For further details, please review Festival Images Vevey

04 September 2012 — Update 2012

In 2012 the following wonderful things have happened: Nomination to the Plattform 12 of the Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland in January 2012, a solo exhibition at the Dansk Møbel Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland in May 2012, the opening at the Photogarage in Zurich with sketches to a new work series and most recently the opening of the Festival Images in Vevey where I was awarded the Prix Nestlé.

29 August 2012 — Opening SW/RGB at Photogarage

Please note the opening at the Photogarage in Zurich, Switzerland with initial sketches and an installation of a new work series. For further information on gallery opening hours please review Photogarage or contact the studio for a personal visit.

08 September 2011 — Radio Coverage on exhibtion at Quai N°1

I am delighted to announce that Florence Grivel from Espace 2 from RSR Switzerland has been visiting the exhibition at Quai N°1 in Vevey and has aired a program on my works shown on September 6th, 2011. Listen online or download Interview RTS

29 August 2011 — Contemplatio I–VII at Quai N° 1 in Vevey

I am delighted to announce the first public exhibition of Contemplatio at Quai N° 1 in Vevey opening on Wednesday, the 31st of August 2011. On display are five selected prints from the series itineris, nubes, folium, stabulum and cubus as well as the booklets to the different series of Contemplatio I-VII.

Opening reception on August 31st 2011 at 6:30pm
Exhibition dates: August 31st - October 1st 2011
Wed.-Fri. 4 - 7pm, Sat. from 11am - 3pm, and upon request
Quai N°1

04 February 2011 — New Website

Welcome to the new website! And enjoy the navigation on an i-phone or on an i-pad to grasp the full functionality of the new photography catalogue. Feel free to drop an email if you encounter difficulties with the site for we would like to make sure that the technology works for you too:

20 January 2011 — Contemplatio I – VII Showcase

The first showcase has been held at the studio presenting large format photographs from the contemplatio project as well as the freshly printed booklets to the contemplatio project.